Dubzoic, an Italian dub producer, has been actively shaping the dub music landscape since 2007. Over the years, he has honed his unique dub sound and forged collaborations with illustrious artists, including Fikir Amlak, Idren Natural, A&O, and Imperial Sound Army. His musical creations have found a global audience through esteemed labels such as Steppas Records (UK), Dub Iration (MX), Imperial Roots Rec. (IT), and Dub-o-Matic (IT), as well as his primary label, Mystic Temple Records.

At the heart of Dubzoic's musical journey are the exceptional vocal talents of crew members like Tommy Evok, Lucadread, and SistaSara, who have played instrumental roles in shaping the distinctive Dubzoic sonic identity. Moreover, Dubzoic is currently engaged in exciting collaborations with Mannaroman ( Double Spliff crew ) and Shanti Lion, further cementing his presence in the ever-evolving realm of dub music.

The project started in 2007 as a collective together with G.I.O. (currently known as I-ROOTS SOUND SYSTEM), J-Side VFC and features SistaSara on vocals. For several years they have been producing and performing live in Italy. In 2013 the project is maintained by LowCut who starts a collaboration with Lucadread producing the single "Bun dem down". From 2018 starts an active collaboration with Tommy Evok that will lead to the release of an album, several singles and live events in Italy and Europe.
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