Inner Temple

Tommy Evok, Dubzoic

1. Inner Temple, Dubzoic
2. Inner dub, Dubzoic
3. Who, Dubzoic ft. Tommy Evok
4. Who dub, Dubzoic ft. Lucadread
5. Quiet, Dubzoic ft. Tommy Evok
6. Quiet dub, ft. Mr Danian Horns
7. Jah Disciple, Dubzoic ft. Tommy Evok
8. Dub disciple, Dubzoic ft. Dub Harp
9. Golden Soul, Dubzoic ft. Tommy Evok
10. Golden dub, Dubzoic
11. Awake, Dubzoic ft. Tommy Evok
12. Awake in dub, Dubzoic ft. MandLion
13. Call His name, Dubzoic ft. Tommy Evok
14. Call this dub, Dubzoic ft. F.D'Ascanio

Mixed, arranged and recorded by Dubzoic // Voice and Lyrics by T.Evok Artists Involved & Credits: #Who Dub // Melodica & intro choirs (version): Lucadread; Kette drum: Enrico Vai #Quiet // Fills&Percussions: PeaceStone; Sax (version): MrDamianHorns #Jah Disciple // Didgeridoo: InnerMelody; Harmonica (version): DubHarp #Awake in dub // Mandolin: MandLion; Kette drum: Enrico Vai #Call this Dub // Kette drum: Enrico Vai; Sax: Federico D’Ascanio

May 5, 2018
Label: Mystic Temple Records